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Custom Processing

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We provide custom meat processing for beef, pork, bison, goats and lambs, as well as custom-cut freezer meat. Beef and pork are available for purchase through our store from local family farms. We are a member of Indiana Grown. (


We source our meat from locally grown farms to do our part in to reduce the carbon footprint. All our pork is grown at Belsta Milling, a fellow Hoosier farm that produces high quality meat using world-class genetics all while keeping the animals in a safe and comfortable environment. (To learn more about Belsta Milling and their business, you can visit them at


Pork: Whole and Halves available

Beef: Whole, Half and Quarters available.


Custom Meat Processing Prices

  • A quarter of beef ranges from $700 - $850 and averages 200 – 250 pounds hanging weight.

  • A half of beef ranges from $1250 - $1400 and averages 400 – 450 pounds hanging weight.

Retail Store

At Monon Meat Packing and Catering Inc., we offer a huge selection of fresh and frozen meats including over 20 varieties of sausages and brats, steaks cut to order, and an assortment of smoked meats and snack sticks. In addition to our protein selection, we provide a collection of locally produced goods such as honey, pierogis, sauces and spices. Frozen seafood, fruits and cheeses are also available!

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Wholesale Meats

We offer wholesale delivery around the state for numerous beef and pork cuts, primals and sub-primals, along with offal.


Pork butts, fresh hams, bellies, jowls, loins, ribs, beef & pork fat, pork trim, pizza sausage, smoked hams, bacon, and many more-give us a call and let us know what you're looking for!


Information coming soon! 

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